What is InvertiGro ?

Fully-integrated, cost-effective and flexible indoor vertical farming solutions that enable sustainable and reliable production of fresh and healthy produce. Everywhere.

InvertiGro applies innovative design and leading edge technologies to profitably and pragmatically solve the real world challenge of sustainable and affordable food production.

We design, build, supply and support cost-effective and flexible indoor vertical farming solutions that enable customers around the globe to quickly convert indoor spaces into highly efficient rural-scale farms.

InvertiGro farms are capable of growing a variety of different crops; from leafy greens to micro greens, berries, fruits, vegetables and more.

Unique pallet-size modular growing units and their supporting smart technology operating and monitoring systems are able to grow (and switch between) a variety of crops with superior yields, consistent quality and greater resource efficiencies (water, land, labour and capital).

InvertiGro’s fully integrated and supported indoor vertical farming solutions provide everything required to quickly begin planting, growing and harvesting. InvertiGro’s remote monitoring systems and continuous R&D improvements will have you producing hassle-free, profitable and reliable supplies of quality fresh produce well into the future.

Why InvertiGro ?


Modular systems designed to grow with your business needs


Grow a wide variety of crops.

Quickly and easily switch between crops.

Systems are designed for use anywhere on the planet and anywhere in the value chain.


Cost effective set up and operations;

greater yields and less waste,

drive higher profitability.


Sustainable and simple to operate turnkey systems are supported by AI, remote monitoring and controls, local support services,  continuous R&D and network learnings

InvertiGro is farming that really stacks up !

80 x greater yield per m2
than traditional farming
50 % more water efficient
than traditional farming
200 days per year
Year round production
0 herbicides or pesticides
Better than Organic

Who is InvertiGro suitable for ?

In reality, almost anyone, anywhere who is looking to grow quality, flavoursome and nutritious fresh produce in reliable, predictable rural-scale supply, in a sustainable and profitable way.

Produce Wholesalers

looking for a profitable, reliable supply of fresh quality produce.

Produce Wholesalers and Distributors

Traditional Farmers

looking to diversify their crops and reduce their exposure to unpredictable environmental conditions.

Traditional Farmers

Food Retailers

looking to vertically integrate and secure their supply chains; keen to reduce transport costs and food miles.

Food Retailers

Food Services and Caterers

Airlines, Resorts and Restaurants looking to secure year-round supplies of quality fresh ingredients.

Food Services and Caterers

Mining Camps, Military Bases and Humanitarian Aid

Organisations looking for fast and flexible fresh food supplies in some of the most challenging climates and conditions.

Mining Camps, Military & Humanitarian Aid

Pharmaceutical and Wellness companies

looking for safe and secure facilities to grow high quality, high value medicinal crops.

Pharmaceuticals and Wellness

Good for the planet. Good for people. Good for producers.


  • Less water useage
  • Less land required
  • No pesticides
  • No run-off
  • Less Food Miles


  • Fresher, more nutritious produce
  • Better than organic (no GMO, herbicides or  pesticides)
  • Year round supply
  • Greater food safety and security
  • Local produce, local jobs


  • Reliable and predictable crops
  • Higher yield
  • Higher margins
  • Less waste
  • Flexibility of crops

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