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InvertiGro co-founder, Ben Lee recently spoke with Suzanne Gearing from Regional Development Australia ACT as part of the Food in the Capital Webbite series.

Click here to listen to the Food in the Capital InvertiGro Webbite interview for a taste of what’s coming up in the Food in the Capital Event later in the year.

“… particularly in this era of a real sense of the importance of food security and sustainability, vertical farms are a very exciting project, something we should be seeing a lot more of more of” ..

With the InvertiGro founders originally having started out to establish their own indoor farm, they soon discovered that there were many barriers to success in this nascent industry. InvertiGro was therefore founded to develop appropriate technologies that would address the indoor vertical farming industry’s often prohibitive set up costs and high operating costs. Our modular indoor vertical farming systems now deliver affordable, flexible and scalable growing solutions.

Part of the imperative for these new technologies is to address increasingly concerning high levels of food wastage in the increasingly lengthy supply chains. The average distance from farm to plate in Australia is 745km, resulting in enormous food waste before produce even makes it to the supermarket shelf!

So, rather than replacing traditional agriculture, we believe indoor vertical farms have the potential to augment traditional farming practices and dramatically reduce this waste by growing the more perishable produce – such as herbs, leafy greens, soft vegetables and berries – closer to consumption.

So, what are the challenges to bringing forward this new technology ?

Like any new industry or fundamental shift in the status quo, there are inevitably many road blocks , or more accurately speed bumps, to the adoption of indoor vertical farming in Australia. InvertiGro is addressing traditional barriers to entry with modular systems for cost effective set up, fully integrated hardware and flexible solutions for easy adoption and optimised crop recipes to maximise success, enabling almost anyone to quickly and affordably become a modern farmer.

For Indoor Vertical Farming to gain serious traction in Australia support is required at all levels of government, from federal and state grants and incentives to local council planning permissions.

Finally, particularly for a country like Australia with a strong history of farming and the ability to provide for our own needs, the adoption of these technologies also requires a shift in mindset. The recent experiences of droughts, fires, floods and COVID disruption to our food supply are shifting the Australian food security mindset from one of complacency to urgency, making now the time to start rethinking our food production.

Ben Lee will also be presenting at the Food in the Capital Event, 17 November 2020.

An initiative of Regional Development Australia, Food in the Capital will be Canberra’s first ever sustainable food event. The event sets out to connect people from across the industry including farmers, food businesses and manufacturers, community groups, thought leaders and policy makers.

Read on to learn more about InvertiGro in Australia’s Capital, with the Ginninderry InvertiWall installation, the first of its kind in the ACT.


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