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The InvertiGro Story

Getting together fresh ideas to grow fresh produce ….

The InvertiGro seed was planted back in 2012 (or if the truth be known, probably long before that) …

A group of passionate and exceptionally attractive (Ok, moderately so) individuals with commercial and educational experience as diverse as their career paths came together in pursuit of a common goal

“To feed the world the smarter way”

Back then .. Ben, a neuroscience degree in his pocket, had 10 years’ experience managing investment portfolios in international FMCG and commodities trade before he met Paul, a degree qualified mechanical engineer who had extensive experience building and optimising food production facilities and an international career in supply chain management consulting.

Homefarms (as it was known then) set out to establish highly efficient, sustainable and cost effective commercial-scale indoor vertical farms around the globe .. but after much soul searching, extensive research and development, and substantial market testing, it was agreed that rather than competing in the food chain, our real goals were better served by enabling the food chain to produce consistent quality, simply, reliably, efficiently, flexibly and cost effectively themselves .. and so, InvertiGro was born.

Today, the InvertiGro team brings together talented individuals from all walks of life and many corners of the globe. The team’s collective skills and expertise span from agronomy and accounting to engineering and finance, digital innovation and the internet of things; from manufacturing and marketing to software sales and supply chain, technology and start-ups. The InvertiGro team is a group of passionate individuals with the fresh ideas to turn traditional farming on its head and feed the world the smarter way !

InvertiGro Partnerships

The InvertiGro team is also fortunate to have had the support and mentoring of internationally recognised organisations

InvertiGro Vision and Values

Feed the World the Smarter Way

InvertiGro Values

Committed to growing a better future ?

If you are passionate about Feeding the World the Smarter Way and you think you have the fresh ideas to grow our team, please contact: [email protected] to express your interest and detail your relevant skills and experience.

We are currently seeking:

Senior Mechanical Designer

to provide mechanical design, drafting and detailed design for manufacture support to our product development team. This role will work closely with the product engineering and development team to refine our existing designs with a focus on manufacturing efficiencies, aesthetics, assembly efficiencies, operational functionality and reliability as well as value engineering. Contact [email protected] for a full job description and to express your interest in the role. 

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