Australian innovations could save farming, SMH article

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InvertiGro is proud to have been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald along side a collection of other Australian innovations helping to shape the future of farming globally.

As global conditions change, the volatility experienced by Australian farmers will become the norm for all, Dr Robertson says. And the ways they’ve coped will offer invaluable insight for other countries seeking to adapt…


“In many ways, Australia is 10 to 20 years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of experiencing the effects of climate change … We have an opportunity to be real world leaders in terms of how to make your farms more adaptable and resilient to climate change.” ..


“The technology we bring is to augment traditional agriculture, not replace it,” Lee says. “Farmers have always been extremely innovative but changes beyond their control require different approaches.”..


“Global challenges like climate change and food security are contributing to volatile and increasingly complex food supply chains,” Soeriyadi says. “Protected and indoor cropping is on the rise, driven by this growing need to adapt our traditional farming environments.”..


Read the full article by Riley Wilson in the Sydney Morning Herald 18 July 2020

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