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What is hydroponics ?

Hydroponics is the growing of plants without soil. This highly efficient method of growing has many benefits: higher yields through faster grow cycles and smaller root systems; elimination of soil-borne pests and the need for pesticides, reduction in water requirements through water recycling and reuse within the system. Growing hydroponically (and through extensive R&D), we are able  to deliver the optimum water and nutrient requirements directly to the plants’ roots to produce healthy, nutritious and reliable produce, without the need for fertilisers. In addition, given that hydroponic growing is conducted in a controlled, indoor environment, it allows for year-round growth, unaffected by any unpredictable environmental factors: floods, fires, droughts or pests.

What crops can I grow with InvertiGro ?

Using a combination of vertical and horizontal hydroponics and aeroponics, InvertiGro systems can be used to cultivate almost anything that can be grown indoors.

Our systems are currently used to grow leafy greens, micro-herbs and medicinal plants. Berries, soft fruits and vegetables, seed stock, natural fibres and proteins (worms and insects) are currently in development and will be available for production late 2019.

Furthermore, InvertiGro’s unique modular grow systems can be quickly reconfigured to switch between crops as business needs change.

If you have a specific crop in mind that we have not mentioned here, please contact us [email protected]

(our R&D teams may well already be working on it !)

Is InvertiGro produce 'organic' ?

We like to think of InvertiGro produce as ‘better than organic’ and in most markets, we meet all requirements to be certified ‘Organic’ despite our produce not being grown in soil or organic substrate.

InvertiGro produce is grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

Our plants enjoy a pest-free and hygienic enclosed growing environment with a diet of clean water and mineral-based nutrients. As a result, our produce offers superior flavour and nutritional properties.

By bringing farms closer to consumers’ plates, freshness can be guaranteed with food miles and time in transport dramatically reduced.

Where can InvertiGro grow ?

Almost anywhere on the planet (and potentially beyond !) where there is a space that can be converted into a food-grade facility with access to water and energy. Ideal spaces that can be quickly converted into productive rural-scale farms include excess warehousing or barns, disused factories or even surplus indoor car parks.

InvertiGro takes the risk of ‘droughts and flooding rains’ out of the reliable and sustainable supply of fresh produce. Our systems can turn the most unlikely spaces in even the harshest places into productive rural-scale farms.

To be suitable for InvertiGro Indoor Farming, spaces simply need to be enclosed and temperature controlled with a sealed and level floor for installation of the stackable vertical systems.

How big is an InvertiGro farm ?

At this stage, InvertiGro systems are designed specifically for commercial-scale production. The smallest ‘indoor farm’ can start with a minimum footprint of 100m2.

InvertiGro’s indoor vertical farming solutions can start with an array of 30 InvertiCubes; and the modular systems are designed to be  scalable in similar increments as your business’ demand grows.

To maximise yield and operational efficiencies, we recommend facilities be designed with an initial footprint (or a view to future expansion) of 500-1000m2. (As an indication, a 500 InvertiCube farm, with a footprint of approx.. 650m2 will conservatively produce 180-200 metric Tonnes per year, depending on the crop mix).

There is no upper-limit on farm size (either footprint or height). InvertiGro farms can be designed with automation to minimise manual labour, maximise safety and streamline production processes.

Solutions are also possible for smaller or restricted height spaces, e.g. car parks or building basements.

Please contact us [email protected] to discuss your specific space requirements.

What kind of support is provided with the InvertiGro system ?

On completion of installation, all InvertiGro Indoor Vertical Farming solutions are provided with rigorous on-site training and support throughout the commissioning and initial production phases.

Our on-going after-sales support programs cover agronomy, operational and technical services to ensure your facilities and operations continue to run reliably and efficiently, without the need for costly on-site specialists. 

The comprehensive InvertiGro service network consists of a 24/7 contact centre supported by regional and global service and technical experts on hand to answer your questions and help you navigate any technical challenges. 

.. And you can sleep easy, knowing that we are monitoring your critical production systems and equipment around the clock. 

Aggregated learnings from the InvertiGro global ecosystem, combined with the continuous hard work of our talented R&D teams, ensure that InvertiGro users continue to benefit from new insights, software upgrades and product releases that deliver greater yields, efficiencies and capabilities to future-proof and maximise your investment.  

Can I invest in InvertiGro ?

InvertiGro is a privately-held company. As we continue to grow our business and global footprint, we are always looking for new partners. Please contact us [email protected] to discuss the opportunities

Can I join the InvertiGro team ?

If you are committed to growing a better future, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us with how you think you can help us Feed the World the Smarter way at [email protected]

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